Iron Tides


eoaTumble Fortress

Princess Bau Bau has climbed onto a teetering tower, surrounded by monsters! Train brave warriors to keep the creatures at bay, while you build up your fortress before it all tumbles away. Make sure to strengthen your foundations, clear out those lanes of fire, and remember to look out for dragons!


eoaEmpires of Arkeia

Orcs, pirates, and strange blue fishfolk are swarming all over the islands! Journey through all eight island kingdoms to uncover the dark conspiracy behind these recent attacls. Gather your forces, develop new technologies, craft devious tactics, and push the invaders out of our lands!



Shatter the shackles of corporate tyranny in this action-packed shooter-platformer. Upgrade your ShatterBot, unlock new weapons, and blast all around you to smithereens! Features fully destructible, procedurally generated levels, guaranteed to challenge even the most experienced robo pilot.


sfkRise of the Colony

Rise of the Colony puts you in the shoes of a colonial commander, charged with the defense of humanity's colonies across all its varied worlds. Build up your colony block by block, utilizing every trick in the arsenal to repel pillaging raiders and conquering aliens.


sfkSwordfall: Kingdoms

The shadow of the sword has fallen across Europe. Ambitious kingdoms are rising and their armies stand ready to take new lands at any cost. To triumph over your rivals you'll need superior technology, great generals, and vast armies. Combine all this with your own tactical ability and the battlefield will be yours!


smhScrap Metal Heroes

Customize your very own robot army and rise to become world champion! Build your battle robots out of nearly 200 different parts, and then take your creations into real-time combat against a host of devious opponents and challenging missions.


adoeAlexander: Dawn of an Empire

Recruit your armies, research new technologies, and face your enemies in fast-paced tactical combat. This deep blend of real-time and turn-based strategy places you on some of the best looking battlefields ever seen in a Flash game. Can you equal Alexander the Great and conquer the known world?


usUnknown Sector

Stranded in a hostile and unexplored part of the galaxy, you will survive only by your instincts and your guns. To make it out here you'l need a new warship and the deadliest arsenal money can buy. Prepare yourself for combat and set a course into the unknown.


Gun Nomads

In a shattered America, you must survive raider onslaughts and save Arizona from corporate domination. Explore a dynamic landscape of towns and raider camps, take on challenging missions, follow an epic storyline and discover more than 50 weapons.


Rise of the Tower

Construction on your company's new tower is progressing well, but your jealous competitors are not about to let you finish in peace! Stop their robot armies with a diverse variety of weapons before they bring all your hard work tumbling down.


ROTC2Rise of the Castle 2

The warmachines of the barbarian horde approach your lands yet again, but fortunately your engineers have devised some deadly new weapons to keep them at bay. Still, the numbers of the enemy are vast beyond counting; how long can a single castle stand against them?


Rise of the Castle

Your kingdom is under attack by marauding invaders, and a lone castle is the only thing standing in their way. Take charge of the defenses, build up your castle to ever greater heights and save your people!